Bath Tea, 3.0 oz,

Relax, Cleanse, Restore with Bath & Body Teas - Powerful natural ingredients are balanced and combined for an affordable pleasure you will remember.Dead Sea salts, Himalayan sherpa pink salts, green tea, botanicals, essential oils and fragrance provide advanced therapeutic benefits. Essential oils provide the benefits of aroma therapy ; bathing becomes a mind, body and awakened spirit process that cannot be replaced.

The benefits of balneotherapy or the art of bathing are enhanced with natural additives. Each bath tea includes a reusable organza bag to place the tea inside of for the perfect bathing experience.

Ingredients: Himalayan Sherpa Pink Salt (84 minerals) Dead Sea Salts(26 minerals) (Sodium bicarbonate), Japanese green tea (camelis sinensis), botanicals(fruit and flower organic additives), Dendritic Salt (sodium chloride), Essential Oil.

The following  blends are available for your bathing pleasure.

  • $ 6.50